HEUS is the safest and most efficient ultrasonic emulsifier in plastic surgery procedures. It allows greater survival of adipose tissue with less thermal effect thanks to its OSU technology that vibrates at 40 kHz.

The OSU technology has a diamond-like finish that distributes the energy better, promoting a lower thermal effect on the body of the sonotrode, which allows high precision in its handling and increases the efficiency of the ultrasound output at the tip.

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J Plasma

J plasma is an innovative and minimally invasive cosmetic technology that aims to tighten and rejuvenate the skin. It combines helium gas and radiofrequency to tighten sagging skin on the neck and body, thanks to a thermal effect. This technique, especially effective for tightening the skin, can be used independently or in conjunction with liposuction treatments associated with excess fat. The concept is based on the principle of selective application of heat, which is the most effective way to improve the elasticity and appearance of the skin. J plasma can tighten the skin on almost any part of the body. Its objective is the following areas:

  • Inner sides of the arms
  • Abdominal belt
  • Inner thighs and knees
  • side of thighs
  • Lower face, armpit and neck
  • love handles
    Chest (also in men!)


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INDIBA is the technology that allows you to emit a unique radio frequency called Proinic. What this radiofrequency does is increase the temperature in different areas of the body. This increase in temperature is done safely and gradually, triggering a biological response. This athermic and thermal action helps the human body to regenerate tissue, but always respecting cellular physiology.

  • Depending on the treatment the patient undergoes, the benefits of INDIBA will be different.
  • Liposuction and lipofilling will result in less sagging after the intervention, as well as the prevention of fibrosis.
  • In lifting or blepharoplasty it will contribute to reducing wrinkles, so the result of the treatment will be maintained.
  • In breast surgery it will allow for faster healing, as well as less swelling and faster recovery of breast sensitivity.
  • When it comes to breast reconstruction, INDIBA is applied to prepare for the operation and facilitate expansion and flap surgery.
  • In abdominoplasty it is applied to regain the elasticity of the skin and regain sensitivity.
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Lipo VASER is an advanced procedure that uses gentle ultrasonic energy to selectively break down some of the unwanted fat, sparing other important tissues.

  • VASER technology enables a wide range of body shaping applications, from treating small problem areas to large transformations in multiple problem areas.
  • The patient's recovery is rapid, with very good results and better skin retraction.
  • VASER Lipo treatment can be performed safely in the office or in a surgery center or hospital setting.
  • Thousands of procedures performed demonstrate its clinical effectiveness and safety.
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